Monday, November 14, 2011

Bring back Capitalism to America and create JOBS!!

Wall Street has certainly made a HUGE mistake in undermining Americans.  We are a nation of do-ers, based on the principals of revolution.  We do not go away quietly nor sit down and lie dead waiting for others to revive us. America is changing - all by ourselves....We've had enough of lies and manipulations and we're taking the bull by the horns.

"Taking our future into our hands" should be our national anthem. America has to exchange places with China and go back to manufacturing.  We have to bring manufacturing back to the United States.  We're the nation that created the Assembly Line (developed by the Ford Motor Company).  We were the first nation to walk on the moon (Apollo 11 - July 20, 1969). Why is our credit rating as a nation downgrading?  Really?  We've been the best at everything because we put capitalism, innovation and business FIRST!  We're a nation of free-thinkers!

Giving businesses the tax incentives to do so would be a great start.  For instance, according to CNBC, the NUMBER 1 State in the United States to do business in is Virginia.  Virginia is a business - friendly state. Texas is 2nd.  These 2 states regularly battle for first and second place.  Ever wonder why nationally Texans live better than the rest of us?  The state has better business incentives and policies.  Texans aren't suffering the recession like the rest of us.  There's way less unemployment in Texas than the national average (8.4% in July '11 compared to 9.1% nationally).  Texas Governor Rick Perry’s claim that “40 percent … of all the jobs in America were created in Texas” since June 2009 is accurate.

I've been investigating the best business friendly states for my clients quite a bit lately.  The cost of doing business overseas and shipping goods to the United States has risen.  I've been assigned the task of discovering new ways of bringing manufacturing plants back to the United States AND keep them cost effective!!  I'll keep you all posted in my new discoveries....

Top State for Business: Virginia

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lessons to learn from Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen's Character on 2 1/2 Men)...

When Charlie Harper emerged on the scenes of "Two and Half Men" - larger than Life, womanizing, wild, and a drunk - he seemed like he could be odious. Instead he turned out to be a likable, even lovable character. Did he change in any way? NO! However he "humanized" before our eyes..His demise was horrible...he got hit by a train when his "stalker" wife Rose pushes him in front of a Paris train track for (what else?) womanizing and cheating on her. Rose describes the result as a "meat explosion" during Charlie Harper's funeral.

Charlie Sheen caused his demise from 2 1/2 Men for openly mocking and disagreeing with Chuck Lorre, the show's creator and network executives. The self described "Warlock" never held his feelings back. He didn't go away quietly. Furthermore, he let his personal life's dilemmas interfere with his on-screen character and his attendance on set. The two meshed. As we all witnessed - it's not a good thing.

Keeping business and your personal life separate is key to success. Successful businessmen never ever let you in on what truly goes on in their personal lives. They let you see that everything is picture perfect. It's an image that needs to be projected - at all costs.

Let's face it, nobody will fix your personal problems - in fact they'll take advantage of you.  Business is a lot like war.  You constantly have to be ready for battle, therefore, you must project the image of a strong warrior.  Faults are not to be laid out in the open or enemies will use it to their advantage. 

Furthermore, if like Charlie Sheen, matters get out of hand, your strategy should be to remain cool and collective.  As difficult as that sounds, imagine your ending being hit by a train and turned into a "meat explosion" of sorts.  Even though we'd all love to jump at our opponent's throat and strangle them - this is not good business practice.  Emotional judgments always backfire.  Plan your next move as if you were in a battle for your life (which in fact, you are).  Carefully plot your opponent's moves, and plan plan plan...unfortunately - yes - you're image is everything and by giving your opponent what he/she wants - an emotional response - you lose.  

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