Saturday, August 27, 2016

Is Social Media Marketing necessary to promote a business?

Before the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +,etc...there were businesses that sprouted everywhere - from online to brick and mortar - and all it took was getting the merchandise, setting up your sales  - be it a gateway sales portal or cash register - and off you went! Can't say that's the case anymore.

In order to get noticed, you need to cast a wider net.  Old school was buying advertising space in a trade magazine or a billboard. That still works for some ventures and more secluded areas, but to truly capture an audience, you do need to utilize the power of Social Media.

From my own experience with my business, and with those of my clients, I have seen almost immediate results.  I have been able to sell a product in a matter of days!  Furthermore I've seen exponential growth as I kept up with analyzed Social Media tactics.

For instance, I sold a car, a very particular car - 1973 Black Hawk Stutz that was manufactured for Sammy Davis Jr. (yes THAT Sammy Davis Jr , a member of the famous rat pack whose members included Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin) in less than a week.

The car was sold for approximately $40,000.00 in total with fees. The buyer was a notable collector of all things "Rat Pack",  Never knew of him. Never even knew he existed.
Never met him in person. He found the car based on extreme Social Media Marketing. Of notice:  this car was paid for within the week!

To make my point, I am no expert in all things "Rat Pack".  I honestly didn't know who to target.  I didn't do any due diligence at all on Rat Pack Collectors.

I barely had time to prepare for it since it was an expensive Collector's Item that was bought at an expensive price tag and needed to get off the floor quickly to make a decent profit.  I just know one thing well - how to harness the power of Social Media and SELL and then sit back and watch the fireworks happen!

I had to weed out the several dozen offers for the Stutz Black Hawk.....some seriously low balled the price tag.  I then sent out an email blast to all potential buyers that the price was firm.  I got the serious non-negotiated offer that evening and the money was wired the next day.  The process took 3 whole days!

I also worked for a national brand name perfume distributor.  The company had been around for approximately a decade.  Revenues were at a steady $500,00.00 a month.  They needed change and an increase in revenue to ensure their expansion.  Again using the power of Social Media Marketing in 4 months their revenues increased 8 times over to $4,000,000.00 + a month!

In essence, is Social Media a necessary element in today's business environment?  I have to say it is.  Especially with the exponential growth I have personally witnessed. If you want to have incredible revenue growth and recognition for your business, invest in Social Media.  Better yet, don't experiment.  Invest in an expert like DME Consulting!

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